Code of Conduct

Members, guests and visitors are reminded that an acceptable standard of behaviour is expected in all areas of the Club and Course at all times.

The Club expects members, guests and visitors to treat other members, guests, visitors and all staff with due respect.

All visitors must only play from the yellow or red tees unless advised by staff.

Good behaviour, sportsmanship and fair play should be paramount in every golfers thinking.

Always show respect to other golfers & accept helpful comments & advice from more experienced golfers.

Sharing a bag of clubs is not allowed at any time.

Pace of play please try to keep up with the group in-front not in-front of the group behind.

Please rake all bunkers and repair divots and pitch-marks.

Rules and etiquette are helpful in making everyone's round of golf an enjoyable experience.

The R&A has released a new ‘Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf’ to help beginner golfers become familiar with the basics of the rules. The video covers 16 key themes including what to do before starting your round, understanding the different areas of the course, and how to proceed when you can’t play the ball as it lies.